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      Established in 2013, Stoneheart was founded on the idea of making quality simplistic jewellery for everyday wear. Our goal is to spread positive energy through our jewellery.

      We handcraft our pieces using sterling silver and 14 karat gold. Everything down to the crimp covers is sterling silver. Nothing is plated. We use natural precious & semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls to make our pieces.

      Every February we attend the largest gem show in north America (in Tucson, Arizona) to handpick our stones for the year. Vendors and miners from around the globe travel there to sell their gems.

      Our genuine leather is of the highest grade and is naturally dyed and treated with a leather oil.

      We use a blend of hand carved originals and 3d printing technology to make our custom Stoneheart charms and beads. All of our pieces are hand finished and assembled in our studio in Vancouver, British Columbia.

       If you are local and wish to see the jewellery in person before purchasing, feel free to call or email to set up a time to come view the pieces!
      Co-founder & Designer 
      Kim Houghton
      "Growing up in Vancouver B.C. I have always had a love for and deep connection to nature, especially the ocean. I find beauty in the simplicity of the natural world  this has provided me with the inspiration for Stoneheart Jewellery. Using natural elements such as hand picked eco conscious gemstones, fresh water pearls, sterling silver and gold, I wanted to create a line of wearable jewellery that was timeless and versatile. Studying under a local metal smith, I learned first hand how to work with precious metals. Many years of practice has helped me perfect my craft. My goal with Stoneheart is to produce jewellery that can be worn on a daily basis, with jeans and a t-­shirt or with your favourite dress. My passion for design keeps growing and I am excited to share my vision of beauty with you."